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Aeromexico Airlines Phone Number

About Aeromexico Airlines

Established in the year 1934, Mexico’s flag carrier operating under the name of Aeromexico Aerovias de Mexico, the Aeromexico Airline is a renowned name in the industry of domestic air transportation. The airline currently operates both international as well as domestic flights to more than 50 destinations. These destinations include Europe, North, Central, South America and Asia. The fleet size of Aeromexico is 69 and consists mostly of Boeing aircraft.

Aeromexico operates mostly from its primary hub – the Mexico City International Airport. In addition to this, the airline has three hubs at Guadalajara and Monterrey.

The airline allows its passengers to fly at relatively low fares in comparison to other medium – sized air carriers.

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Book ticket at affordable prices by calling on the Aeromexico Airlines Phone Number

Ticket booking is a costly affair particularly when you are travelling by air. If you are looking to book Aeromexico flight tickets at affordable rates, you must get in touch with our reservation representatives. Call us on the Aeromexico Airlines phone number not just for reasonable flight fares but also for availing uninterrupted customer services. We are available 24 x 7 for your support and you can contact us from any mobile service network.

Besides assisting you with reserving a flight ticket, our representatives also share the information of best deals and seasonal discounts that you can club with your bookings. Doing so allows you to cut down on the total booking cost of the tickets and you are able to purchase them at reasonable rates. Some of the highlights of reserving Aeromexico tickets by calling the Aeromexico Airlines phone number are:

a) Affordable travel with seasonal offs.

b) Compare flight price with competing airlines.

c) 24 – Hour free of cost flight modifications or cancellations.

d) Accurate flight information and customer support (Flight Status, Reservation Status, In – flight entertainment and service information, etc.)

e) Secure payment methods.

When you are ready to fulfill all your pending vacation dreams, call on the Aeromexico Airlines Phone Number to book tickets.

Call on the Aeromexico Airlines Phone Number for Baggage Information

Like every other airline, Aeromexico also has set norms and guidelines under its baggage policy. It is wise to stay in sync with these pre – defined baggage protocols to ensure that your travel is comfortable.

To inquire what these guidelines and baggage allowance limits are, you can call our representatives on the Aeromexico Airlines phone number. For your ease of reference, we have briefly listed out the Aeromexico Baggage guidelines as follows:

Aeromexico Carry – On Baggage

You are allowed to carry one baggage in addition to a personal item that may include a laptop bag, briefcase or a handbag. Outer garments such as jackets or other assistive devices cannot be included in personal items. The luggage that you are carrying as a part of your Carry – On baggage must fit either in the storage bins over your seat or beneath the seat ahead of you. You must comply with the following carry – on baggage guidelines additionally:

The maximum dimension of you carry – on luggage must be 115 cms (including length, width, and height)

Maximum Weight of you carry – on luggage must be 10 kg.

Aeromexico Checked – In Baggage

Following are the baggage specifications when you are traveling in a domestic Aeromexico Flight:

Premier Cabin – 30 kg

Coach Cabin – 25 kg

Following are the baggage specifications when you are traveling in an International Aeromexico Flight

Premier Class – 3 Pieces

Maximum Size – 158 cms

Maximum Weight – 32 kg

Coach Class – 2 Pieces

Maximum Size – 158 cms

Maximum Weight – 32 kg

For extra baggage fee or additional information related to baggage, you can call us on the Aeromexico Airlines phone number. You can avail discount on checked – in baggage. Remember to check with our representatives when you make a reservation.

Call Aeromexico Airlines phone number for special meal requests

The meal menu while you are flying on an Aeromexico flight might vary depending on factors such as flight duration, travel class, etc. While in shorter flights, passengers are served with small snacks and on long – haul flights, they are offered two main course meals along with snacks. Beverages and liquors are complimentary on all Aeromexico flights 11 am onwards.

Aeromexico has collaborated with celebrity chef Enrique Olvera to serve their passengers with world – class meals.

It is possible for the passengers to pre – book their meals when they are travelling internationally. In case of domestic flights, you will have to check for the hot – meal service before you could book your request. You can call our representatives and register your meal requests 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the Aeromexico flight.

You can choose between Vegan Vegetarian, Soft Food Diet, Low Calorie, Seafood Meals, Kosher and many other kinds of meals.

For additional information on registering your meal requests, you can get in touch with our representatives on the Aeromexico Airlines phone number.

Call on Aeromexico Airlines phone number for Check – In

Though there are various modes using which you can do Aeromexico flight check – in. However, as per the travel experts, the easiest out of them all is to check – in over a call. Our customer care representatives are available 24 x 7 for offering support regarding check – in. So why wait in long queues when you can check – in almost in an instant by making a call?

Check – In for domestic Aeromexico Flights:

Travelers can check – in up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Check – In for International Aeromexico Flights:

Travelers can check – in up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

At the time check – in, it is obligatory for a passenger to consider the following:

The passenger must review as well as verify all the information mentioned on the copy of his/her boarding pass.

Aeromexico must not be held responsible for any printing errors on the boarding pass at the time of boarding the flight.

All travel documents as required must be submitted.

You can also demand a copy of the boarding pass to be sent directly to you on the Aeromexico Mobile Application. Alternatively, you can print your boarding passes directly at the kiosks on the day of your journey. You also enjoy the flexibility to choose or change your seat with our online check – in facility.

For any other queries related to check – in facilities, you can call our representative on the Aeromexico Airlines phone number.

Call Aeromexico Airlines Phone Number for travel information related to passengers

Travel Information for Adults

Travelers who are aged 17 years or below that will have to travel in the unaccompanied minor category.

For passengers that require special services such as wheel chair assistance, oxygen, etc. can also call our helpline.

Travel Information for Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied minors fall between the age limit of 5 to 14 years. The unaccompanied minor service can only be availed on Aeromexico Group Flights. The passenger must be carrying the duly filled in form which declares him/her as an unaccompanied minor. The facilities that are available for unaccompanied minors are:

1. Assisted Check – In

2. Assistance to the boarding gates

3. Cabin – Crew coordinated travel

The fee for unaccompanied minor travel are listed as follows:

1. Domestic Flights – $600 MXN

2. International Flights – $150 USD

Travel Information for Infants

Children aged between 0 months to 1 year 11 months fall in the infant travel category. They can travel without their guardians having to buy separate tickets. However, taxes for travel may apply. One adult can accompany one infant. In case the limit is exceeded, a small fee would be charged for every additional infant that is travelling on – board. In case of international travel, carrying the passport and boarding pass of the infant is necessary.

For any other information related to passenger travel, you can call us on the Aeromexico Airlines phone number.

We try our best that the travel for our passengers on Aeromexico flights remains as hassle – free as possible. This is the reason we have listed out all the information related to travelling with Aeromexico Airlines beforehand. In case you wish to seek any further information about the airlines’ services, you can call us round the clock on the Aeromexico Airlines phone number.

Besides the services listed above, you can talk to our representatives for pre – reservation queries such as flight fare estimates, route availability, etc. We promise to attend to each query. In case, on the spot resolution for your concern is not possible, do not forget to drop in your contact details so that we can arrange a callback for you.

If you are willing to fly with Aeromexico Airlines, do call us on our helpline number.