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Allegiant airlines is one airline company that has often kept to its promises when it comes to providing affordable and convenient services. Whether you are flying from and to America’s smaller cities and states, to any of today’s world – class destinations, Allegiant Airlines has got you covered. The travel experience you receive at our hands at Allegiant will be complete and of great value. You will be able to fly with us at low fares, nonstop, all the while you are receiving jet services courtesy of our premier travel partners, minus the hassle. Founded in 1997, Allegiant Airlines has been certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation for more than two decades as a ‘Scheduled Air Carrier’. This gives Allegiant, authority to fly charter and scheduled airline operations throughout America and also, provide charter services for flying to Canada and Mexico. If you have any flight – related queries, then you can contact us on our Allegiant Airlines Number at +1-888-388-8918 for various details as required.

More than just an Airline – Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines is no slouch when it comes to equal opportunities in its workplace and services. As an employer, we don’t unlawfully discriminate among any of our team members or against qualified applicants with regards to any conditions or terms concerning employment. This holds true in the face of various discriminatory grounds such as race, national origin, gender, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, union / non – union activity, citizenship status, creed, age, military service status and any other characteristic that is protected by law and local ordinance. All this, includes any and all compliance with the state, federal and local laws that provides for nondiscrimination on the basis of disability in all aspects of our employment process. This also includes the requirement to provide all the reasonable accommodations necessary, to be provided to such qualified individuals with disabilities, of course, in accordance with the laws. If you have any doubts about our applications process, and would like to know more about it, then you can call us on our Allegiant Airlines Number for getting your queries answered and doubts cleared.

Luggage Limitations of Liability

Luggage refers to your suitcases and carry – ons, which are made of hard, suitable materials so as to carefully protect the contents you intend to pack within them for travel. They must be able to withstand any hard knocks and mustn’t be too fragile for being stored with other baggages, notwithstanding any external force and pressure. We, at Allegiant Air can refuse to accept luggage or any of its contents that we deem that they won’t be able to withstand normal handling procedures. If you want any information regarding this, you can call us on our Allegiant Airlines Number at +1-888-388-8918.

Because of how the handling procedure is, despite your luggage being old or completely new, it might appear to be used or worn at the end of the flight. Allegiant Airlines, as such, is not or will not be responsible for any of the following damages:
· Scuffs, minor cuts, stains, dents, scratches, nicks or soiling. All this is regarded as normal wear and tear.

· Any damage caused due to the bags being over – packed or oversized, that is, too big to be handled while storing them. This could also include damages like pulled seams, zippers getting torn, splits, punctures caused by internal contents, etc.

· Any manufacturer’s defects that have been caused by interior frames, fabric issues, splits in the luggage material, handles getting detached, etc.